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Benefits of Instructor lead CAD training:

Why instructor lead training?
Survey after survey lead to the conclusion that instructor lead training is the most effective method for training. Based on a survey done by Outstart (a web based training company) out of 2000 surveys submitted, 92 percent felt that classroom product training was the most effective.

Why David Driver?
I have been working in the industry since 1984, as an architect since 1995 producing working drawings with the software I teach. I focus on the day to day tasks needed to get the job out the door. Although structured, even my standard classes are not canned from-the-book classes. I give my students the insight I have from using the software in the day to day environment.

Customized Classes

Customized Classes and Services for AutoDesk Building Model software
I will create a class for your office based on a your needs. This can be anything from an evalutation of your office procedures to identify areas of potential conflict between your office procedures and the processes inherent in the software, to a complete implementation plan and support.

On Line Training - Webinar for your office
Upon request I will put together a single webinar or series for your office. This will be based on a per hour rate rather than a per person rate. You provide a projector, speaker phone and computer with an internet connection in a conference room. Gather your staff in one location and I will present 30 to 90 minutes of instruction via webware delivery followed by 15 minutes of Questions and Answers.

By Request

Autodesk Revit:

Any Version Autodesk Revit
This process based class focuses on the parametric nature of the Revit object based working model. In this class you will start from a template add walls, doors, windows, stairs, roof and floors to create a simple 3 story building. While working with a central file, you will create a schedule, sections, elevations as well as the plot sheets and plot the project to acrobat PDF. This class focuses on the day to day tasks of working in the Revit environment.

There are two tracks you can choose from; the Fundamentals 5 day course or the Level I, II and III 5 day course.

AutoCAD Architecture (Architectural Desktop)

Any AutoCAD Architecture Versions
I have been creating production drawings since release 1 of AutoCAD Architecture. My philosophy in all my classes is to train students how architectural objects work. By training users how to think about AutoCAD Architecture objects, I give them a foundation to help them problem solve issues that arise daily in production back at the office.

There are two tracks you can choose from; the Fundamentals 5 day course or the Level I, II and III 5 day course.

Standard Classes
David trains with many resellers and Autodesk Training Centers throughout the US. These are 2-3 day intensive classes to get you thinking and working in the BIM environment. If there is a reseller or ATC in your neighborhood you feel comfortable working with, as your reseller to contact me to lead the class.

Custom Classes

Let me put together a class specifically for your office. I will work with you to create a 1-5 day curriculum using your buildings as the exercise datasets that accomodates the needs and experience level of your office.

Email for pricing requests.

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