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The CAD Connoissers Series is designed as a group of downloadable PDF files. Each download is a focused collection of information, tips and tricks for the single topic at hand.

Architectural Desktop

Customizing Catalogs << Read More

All About Autodesk Areas<< Read More


Revit's Secret Garden << Read More

Although the topics in this series have their genesis from Autodesk University classes and other seminars I teach, this series is designed more as a reference than courseware. Most books you will purchase on Building Information Modeling are very process based. These process based learning materials are good in their own way. They enable the new user to start with nothing and end with a building, emphasizing how different tools are used together to create the final product. However, necessary to process based courseware is the incomplete coverage of any given topic. Any defined path from point A to point D through points B and C will leave out points B1 and C1. (i.e. a process based course that uses a 1 story flat roof building will probably not address complex roofs or stairs). That said, we have put together this series of feature focused topics.

Give us your input! Do you feel there are topics that are not well covered in the currently available courseware and tutorials? e-mail us with your suggestions today!


CAD Products

Customizing Catalogs

All About Autodesk Areas

Revit's Secret Garden

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