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Revit One Sheets

Revit one sheets my abbreviated brain noise. The intention of these documents is not so much to provide a tutorial on a given topic as to keep in one place my brain noise as well as interesting tidbits I find out on the newsgroups.


Do It Yourself Revit Implementation << Download PDF File
This is not a tutorial, just a rough and ready beginning of a checklist for for implementing Revit

Revit Implementation Part 1: A Discussion << Download PDF File
If you are thinking about implementing Revit, read this first.

Revit Implementation Part 2: A Checklist << Download PDF File
The starting point for an implementation checklist. Please send any comments or feedback, this is still a work in progress

Odd Topics

Revit Keyboard Shortcuts << Download PDF File
Just the standard keyboard shortcuts formatted vertically to cut and tape to the side of your monitor

Stairs Crib Sheet << Download PDF File
Not my work, this is an older Autodesk white paper that is still useful sometimes

48" pipes in Revit MEP << Download PDF File
Just a discussion on how to make a pipe outside the size parameters provided with the installed content

Revit's Mind << Download PDF File
If you are new to Revit, learn to think like Revit!

Project Linking and shared Coordinates << Download PDF File
A white paper on Shared Coordinates in Revit

Revit at Autodesk University

While I keep submitting Revit Classes for Autodesk University, they keep on accepting my ACA Classes instead. Regardless, I did one Autodesk University class in 2004 on making plant families that do not look like the standard twiggy plant.

Secret Gardens of Autodesk Revit Building

Handout from Autodesk University 2004 class. This is the original handout. Again, like the Catalog for CAD Connoisseurs, I have reworked and added to this file. The complete Accurender plant reference guide is available from the e-store page.

Lecture notes
<< Download PDF File

I have updated this a bit and below is a one sheet that illustrates how to create a Revit Plant from an AutoCAD dwg symbol

Creating a Revit Plant From AutoCAD Dwg symbols << Download PDF File

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